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January 31, 2000: Press Announcement An announcement from Waat, Sudan concerning the formation of the South Sudan Liberation Movement for greater Upper Nile.
January 31, 2000: SSLM Documents Documents concerning the formation of the South Sudan Liberation Movement and the Upper Nile Provisional Military Command Council
January 1, 2000: NSCC P2P Update: An Update on the People-to-People peace process, Sept. - December 1999
January 1, 2000: NSCC Project Proposal: Full proposal and summary budget for Nilotics East Bank Peace Conference scheduled for mid-March 2000
January 2000: Governance in Southern Sudan A working paper for discussion on development of governance in southern Sudan
January 5, 2000: USAID Situation Report
January 2000: Human Rights Report: Sudan Chapter from HRW World Report 2000
February 29, 2000: SSLM makes Leadership Appointments
February 25, 2000: 1999 Human Rights Country Report on Sudan U.S. State Department issued the annual report of Human Rights for countries around the world. This links to the Sudan report.
February 25, 2000: State Dept issues another statement on possible explusion of NGOs from southern Sudan
February 24, 2000: State Dept and UN issue statements on Memorandum of Understanding Issue of MOU between NGOs and Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Association of SPLM
SPLM/SRRA Memorandum of Understanding Final Version of MOU
February 18, 2000: Sadig al-Mahdi letter to Dr. John Garang Letter dated Dec. 22, 1999
February 18, 2000: Garang Response to Sadig al-MahdiLetter dated Jan. 21, 2000
February 16, 2000: Bombing of Children in Nuba Mountains White House Condemnation and Africa News first hand report on Government of Sudan bombing of school in Nuba Mountains
February 15, 2000: Chronology Sudan Catholic Information Office chronology of events from Jan. 15-Feb. 15, 2000
February 10, 2000: Sudan Inter-Agency Reference Group -- Advance Statement concerning Harker Report
February 14, 2000: Harker Report Released by Canadian Foreign Affairs This report looks at slavery issues and the Talisman Oil company involvement in oil development in southern Sudan than is resulting in increased fighting, displacement of people and human rights violations.
February 14, 2000: French Version of Harker Report
March 29, 2000: Nilotic People to People Peace Conference Postponed NSCC announces postponement until May 8, 2000 of Nilotic East Bank Conference
March 23, 2000: Canadian NGO Response to Talisman A response, published in the Globe, from Ernie Regehr of Ploughshares on NGO conflict with Talisman Oil Company
March 20, 2000: NSCC Field Report Field Assessment of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) from Western Upper Nile in relationship to People-to-People peace process
March 16, 2000: SCIO Monthly Update Sudan Catholic Information Office chronology of events from Feb. 15 - Mar. 15, 2000
March 15, 2000: IRIN Weekly Update on Sudan
March 13, 2000: Civil Society groups condemn School bombing
March 1, 2000: SPLM/SPLA Press Release on MOU
April 20, 2000: SCIO Monthly Update Sudan Catholic Information Office chronology of events from Mar. 15 - April 15, 2000; info on effects of NGOs departure from southern Sudan
April 13, 2000: New Sudan Council of Churches (NSCC) and Sudan Catholic Bishops' Regional Conference (SCBRC) Appeal to EU on humanitarian funds
April 12, 2000: U.S. Catholic Conference Sudan Statement Bernard Cardinal Law, Archbishop of Boston, Chairman, International Policy Committee,U.S. Catholic Conference issues major statement on Sudan
May 24, 2000: Civil Society groups condemn the E. U. Decision Regarding cut off of humanitarian funding in southern Sudan
May 17, 2000: NSCC Press Release: Nilotic East Bank Peace Conference in Liliir
May 3, 2000: IRIN Weekly Updates
May 3, 2000: NSCC Press Release Announcement that Nilotic East Bank Peace and Reconciliation conference is to begin on May 8, 2000
June 25, 2000: ICCAF response to ESPAC/Hoile critique
NSCC Press Release- Resolutions Following Roundtable Meetings
US Committee For Refugees
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