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Major Documents Concerning Dinka-Nuer Peace Process


May 2000: NSCC Press Release:
    Liliir East Bank Nilotic Peace and Reconciliation Conference

November 12, 1999: Waat Press Release: 
    People-to-People Breakthrough as Lou Nuer Reconcile

November 8, 1999: Waat Lou Nuer Covenant:
    Peace Covenant concluded at Waat Conference among Lou Nuer

November 8, 1999: Lou Nuer Peace and Governance Council:
    Elected Membership of Council created at the Lou Nuer Peace Conference in Waat

October 4, 1999 Press Release: 
    NSCC Press Release regarding Dinka-Nuer West Bank Peace Council and murder of Nuer Chief

September 30, 1999 West Bank Peace Council: 
    Communication, Working Groups Documentation, Appendix of Abducted Persons Documentation

August 26, 1999 NSCC Press Release: 
    NSCC Announces Breakthrough among Lou Nuer in People-to-People Peace Process

July 7, 1999 Washington Post Story 
    Old Ways, New Peace: Sudanese Tribes Confront Modern War

July 7, 1999 Washington Post Photo Galleries

25 March 1999: Opening Ceremony Photos: 
    Dinka-Nuer West Bank Peace and Reconciliation Conference in Wunlit, Bahr el Ghazal:

25 March 1999 Dinka-Nuer Sacrifice of bull, Mabior, and Peace Conference Photos

25 March 1999: Wunlit Conference Events Photos:

25 March 1999: Chiefs' Exchange Visit Photos:

March 13,1999: Dinka-Nuer Press Release #4: 
    Post Conference Press Release

February 20, 1999: Dinka-Nuer Press Release #2: 
    Story of Chiefs' Exchange Visits and Cultural Highlights

February 9, 1999: Dinka-Nuer Press Release #1: 
    Context and Launching of Dinka-Nuer Conference

18 March 1999: Dinka-Nuer West Bank Peace and Reconciliation Conference Documents: 
    Major Documents on the Conference held in Wunlit, Bahr el Ghazal from February 27th until March 8th 1999 are posted

1998: Nuer-Dinka Peace and Reconciliation Process: 
    Documents on Peace Process between Nuer and Dinka communities. Includes story and documents of  the Loki Conference in June 1998 and documents leading to a major peace conference in Bahr el Gahzal in early 1999.



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