Graphics Used in Dinka-Nuer Peace Process

Toukel of Conflict: Diagram of the way conflict shatters the relationships
Cycle of Conflict: Diagram of Cyclical Patterns of Unresolved Conflict
Conflict Transformation: Diagram of how to Transform Conflict through a Cycle of Peacemaking

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Documents Concerning the Dinka-Nuer Peace Process

March 13th 1999: Story on Dinka-Nuer Conference from The Independent (London)
Wunlit Dinka-Nuer Covenant: March 8, 1999: Peace Agreement Signed at Wunlit, Bahr el Ghazal between Dinka and Nuer leaders
Resolutions Adopted: March 8, 1999: Solutions to issues as a part of the Wunlit Dinka-Nuer Covenant
Appendix to Resolutions: March 8, 1999: Provisional List of Villages and Settlements Abandoned and Considered for Resettlement
Introduction to Covenant: March 12, 1999: from Rapporteur Team
Minutes and Membership of Peace Council: March 8, 1999: Council established to implement Wunlit Covenant and Resolutions
December 15, 1998: NSCC Appeal for Support for Nuer-Dinka Peace and Reconciliation Process
Nuer-Dinka Loki Accord: 10 June 1998 Accord signed by Dinka and Nuer Chiefs in Loki, Kenya
Loki Accord Additional Signatures:
A Flicker of Hope in Sudan: The Story of the Nuer-Dinka Peace process begun in Loki, Kenya. Story written by Dr. William O. Lowrey, the facilitator of the conference.
Partnering with In-Kind Contributions: Immediate Priority Needs for Contributions
Bahr el Ghazal Field Report: Field report of Mr. Telar Deng, Field Mobilizer for Peacemaking for NSCC
Western Upper Nile Field Report: Field report of Rev. Matthew Mathiang Deng, Field Mobilizer for Peacemaking for NSCC
Timeline of Nuer-Dinka Peace and Reconciliation Process:
Project Proposal: Estimated costs for Peace Conference for West Bank of Nile
Nairobi Briefing Invitation: 24 November 1998 Briefing for NGOs in Nairobi

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