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Sudan Net News: Continually Updated Sudan Stories from many major international news services
BBC Reports
IRIN News Briefs and Sudan Updates Integrated Regional Information Network, UN Office for the Coordination of Humaitarian Affairs
U.S. Committee for Refugees: Sudan Information
ReliefWeb -- Latest on Sudan Complex Emergencies:
Washington Post: Sudan Stories
World Food Program, Emergency Reports: Weekly Emergency Summaries
U. Penn. African Studies: Sudan Studies
New Sudan Online: Information on SPLM and their concepts of "New Sudan." [temporarily off line, to be reconstructed in coming months]
South Sudanese Friends International: Information on Dr. Wal Duany, Chairman of the South Sudan Liberation Movement
SPDF: Sudan People's Democratic Front/Force: Information on Dr. Riek Machar's new movement since he resigned from the Government of Sudan and the UDSF Party.

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November 10, 2000: NSCC Press Release Resolutions following Roundtable Meeting
November 9, 2000: IRIN Update: GOS Bombing campaign and ceasefire collapse
November 8, 2000: U.S. Committee for Refugees Report Sudan Government bombing of civilian targets
November 8, 2000: U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Sudan Exhibition and article issuing a genocide warning
IRIN Report: NGOs clarify relief situation in Western Upper Nile

Sudan Infonet Archives

Major Documents Concerning Dinka-Nuer Peace Process

May 2000: NSCC Press Release: Liliir East Bank Nilotic Peace and Reconciliation Conference
November 12, 1999: Waat Press Release: People-to-People Breakthrough as Lou Nuer Reconcile
November 8, 1999: Waat Lou Nuer Covenant: Peace Covenant concluded at Waat Conference among Lou Nuer
November 8, 1999: Lou Nuer Peace and Governance Council: Elected Membership of Council created at the Lou Nuer Peace Conference in Waat
October 4, 1999 Press Release: NSCC Press Release regarding Dinka-Nuer West Bank Peace Council and murder of Nuer Chief
September 30, 1999 West Bank Peace Council: Communication, Working Groups Documentation, Appendix of Abducted Persons Documentation
August 26, 1999 NSCC Press Release: NSCC Announces Breakthrough among Lou Nuer in People-to-People Peace Process
July 7, 1999 Washington Post Story Old Ways, New Peace: Sudanese Tribes Confront Modern War
July 7, 1999 Washington Post Photo Galleries
March 13,1999: Dinka-Nuer Press Release #4: Post Conference Press Release
February 20, 1999: Dinka-Nuer Press Release #2: Story of Chiefs' Exchange Visits and Cultural Highlights
February 9, 1999: Dinka-Nuer Press Release #1: Context and Launching of Dinka-Nuer Conference
25 March 1999: Opening Ceremony Photos: Dinka-Nuer West Bank Peace and Reconciliation Conference in Wunlit, Bahr el Ghazal:
25 March 1999: Chiefs' Exchange Visit Photos:
25 March 1999: Wunlit Conference Events Photos:
18 March 1999: Dinka-Nuer West Bank Peace and Reconciliation Conference Documents: Major Documents on the Conference held in Wunlit, Bahr el Ghazal from February 27th until March 8th 1999 are posted
18 December: Nuer-Dinka Peace and Reconciliation Process: Major Documents on Current Peace Process between Nuer and Dinka communities arising out of the Loki Conference in June 1998 and leading to a major peace conference in Bahr el Gahzal in early 1999.

Other Major Documents Concerning Sudan