Dinka-Nuer West Bank Peace Council

Organising Meeting

Wunlit, Bahr el Ghazal, Sudan

Sunday 7th March 1999

On Sunday the 7th of March 1999 the organising meeting of the Dinka-Nuer West Bank Peace Council convened in Wunlit, Bahr el Ghazal, Sudan at 5 p.m. Sudan Local Time. The following members of the Council had been selected by their respective counties and provinces. If upon return to their areas a decision is made to change any members that information will be communicated to the New Sudan Council of Churches.

Membership: Three members, one of whom being a woman, were selected from each of the five border counties in Bahr el Ghazal and the six border provinces in Western Upper Nile. One additional member represented NSCC.

Elected Initial Membership:


Bahr el Ghazal

Gogrial County

Mr. Madut Ayat Barpiny

Mr. Tito Acuil Madut

Mrs. Karman Adongwei Ring


Rumbek County

Chief Jul Macok Lieny

Chief Mnyiel Lieny Wol

Mrs. Agok Anyijong Ater


Tonj County

Mr. Andrew Kuac Mayol

Chief Mario Malok Lual

Mrs. Awut Deng Acuil


Twic County

Mr. Jacob Madhol Lang

Mr. Garang Nyuol Bol

Mrs. Aker Bol Bak


Yirol County

Mr. Telar Deng

Chief Makeny Kamic

Mrs. Yar Malek Malual


Western Upper Nile


Chief Machael Ruei Diu

Mr. James Lili Kol

Mrs. Nyaluk Kuajien



Chief Magai Reat Wuor

Mr. William Dawood Riek

Elisa David Dobuol


Jikany West

Chief Peter Ring Patai

Mr. Thomas Kume Kan

Mrs. Nyador Rieka Diu



Chief Tung Guar Kuei Cuong

Mr. Koang Tut Dor

Mrs. Chuai Gatkuoth



Chief Isaac Magok Gatluak

Mrs. Mary Nyabuath Dou

Mr. Joseph Juac Kon



Chief Peter Nyuong Danhier

Mrs. Nyagar Gatwec

Mr. Peter Gai Joak




Rev. John Okumu

Officers: The Council elected the following slate of officers:

Chairman: Mr. Telar Deng

Deputy Chairman: Mr. William Dawood Riek

Secretary General: Mr. Kong Tut Dor

Secretary of Information: Mrs. Awut Deng Acuil

Treasurer: NSCC Representative

Official Name: The name of the implementing group shall be: Dinka-Nuer West Bank Peace Council.

Next Meeting Date and Place: The next meeting of the Council shall be in November 1999 in Ganyiel, Western Upper Nile.

Discussions and Decisions: