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Subj: Sudan Infonet
Date: 11/10/00 12:07:44 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: SudanInfonet

Date: 11/10/00
From: (New Sudan Council Of Churches)



From 6-8 November, 2000 member's of the Executive Committee and staff of the
New Sudan Council of churches (NSCC) met with their international partners.
The participants identified three main issues and asked the international
community to take immediate action:

- The ongoing bombing of civilians by the government of Sudan (GOS).
- The escalation of severe human rights abuses directly related to the
exploitation of oil.
- The challenge to development-oriented work in war-torn areas in south Sudan.

Participants strongly condemned the bombing of civilians, hospitals,
schools, NGO compounds, food distribution centres and markets, and alerted
the international community to take immediate action against this violation
of international law. In particular they urged the UN Security Council to
pass a resolution to declare a military no-fly zone over south Sudan,
southern Blue Nile and southern Kordfan.

Participants strongly condemned the human rights violations related to the
exploitation of oil in south Sudan. Ever since fighting has escalated in
these areas, many people have been killed, tens of thousands have been
displaced, and frequent air raids are reported. The sharing of resources,
especially oil, has been identified as one of the root causes of the 17
years of war in the Sudan. Participants asked the GOS and the oil companies
to immediately suspend all oil-related action until such time that there is
a peace agreement, negotiated and accepted by all warring parties and the
people of Sudan, providing a fair share of resources.

Participants discussed the strengthening of support for the local community
in their own efforts to rebuild their society and even in time of war.

They pressed the international community to assist efforts to bring about a
just and lasting peace by strengthening civil society, reconciling the
peoples and by safeguarding this peace at grassroots level with development
measures including education, health facilities, training of para-legals and

The participants urged the international community and international
pressure groups to heed to this genuine call.

Nairobi, November 8, 2000
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