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Govermnent Plans to Bulldoze Schools
Press Release
11 May 1999.
The Sudanese Human Rights Group is holding a Press Conference
at the Law Office of Ghazi Suleiman in Khartoum Centre at 12
noon  today, 11 May to draw attention to the imminent destruction
four schools in the Hajj Yousif District of Khartoum and the efforts
of the students  and their families to save the schools. The four
schools are Kassala New School, Kassala School, Jongley School
and Hilla Gadida School.
The Minister of Housing and engineering of Khartoum State, Sherif
Eldin Bannaga, has ordered the destruction of these four schools.
The  destruction will displace more than 3000 students and
threatens to deprive them of their human right to education.
The destruction also threatens to deprive the students, their families
and the Catholic Church, who owns and operates the schools, of
their  right to the property in the schools.
The Sudanese Human Rights Group calls upon the government to
respect the human rights of the students and those operating the 
schools and to ensure that they are adequately compensated for any
property that is destroyed and that alternative sites for the schools
be  made available before destruction begins.
For further information contact the 
Sudanese Human Rights Group  


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