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Note: The following Communique has been released by the New
Sudan Council of Churches in it's continuing facilitation of the
People-to-People Peace process. This NSCC Women's Peace
Workshop was part of the follow-up and implementation of the
Wunlit Covenant and Resolutions that were adopted in the 
Dinka-Nuer West Bank Peace and Reconciliation Conference in March
SI Administrator
15th June 1999 Lokichoggio, Kenya
At the end of these five days (11th to 15th June inclusive)
workshop in which our facilitator Dr. Agnes Aboum of TAABCO
and our organizer Mrs. Anna Kima of NSCC, took us through the
training of the process of reconciliation and conflict resolution;
Aware that we are not making a revolution against men;
Desirous to be part and partial of the peace process within our
communities of Nuer, Dinka and Murle;
Willing to commit ourselves to the already agreed upon resolutions
in Wunlit;
We, the participants hereby wish to adopt the following resolutions
and pledge ourselves to implementing them scrupulously and
conscientiously in keeping with the vows of peace and
We acknowledge and support the efforts that NSCC is exerting in
trying to bring reconciliation and peace within our communities and
the Sudan as a whole.
1.   We support the agreement and resolutions that were made
in Wunlit in March 1999 by our Chiefs, church leaders and civil
2.   In the strongest terms possible we condemn the abduction
of women and children, raping of women that had happened and
brought about the suffering to our people.  We appreciate the
initiative taken in Wunlit that resulted in the return of some of the
abducted women and children and cattle to their owners.
3.   We acknowledge that we have been party to encouragement
of conflict within our society and communities and therefore pledge
to be part of the solution to the problem.
4.   We call upon our husbands and children that they should
stop immediately the fighting among themselves as southern
5.   We ask NSCC to obtain a permit for the women in Kakuma
to be able to organize seminars and prayer meetings in the camp to
preach reconciliation and peace.  We recognize that all that happens
in the Sudan is also reflected in Kakuma.  We therefore have
formed a peace committee of Seven among ourselves to continue
with the process of follow up in the camp in Kakuma.
6.   The women in Kakuma who attended this training and the
others from the Sudan will form a joint committee that will go into
the Southern Sudan to conduct ecumenical prayers in call for peace
in our Land.  We therefore ask NSCC to facilitate this process. 
The places that would be visited would be chosen in consultation
with our church leaders and the women.
7.   Women in Kakuma in particular are encouraged to
exchange visits within themselves in the camp to show practically
the reconciliation and forgiveness that has happened.
8.   Ignorance and unawareness has been one of the major
problems in our communities, we resolve that NSCC should
organize training's for the women and establish adult education in
their Centers for the education of the communities.
9.   We call upon the leadership of the southern Sudanese to
refocus on the vision of Liberation of the people of southern Sudan
and pursue it with vigor.
10.  We call upon the friends of the southern Sudanese and the
partners of NSCC to support us in this initiative to help us help
ourselves realize peace in the Sudan.
In commitment to the resolutions that we have made, we hereby
sign this document to show our commitment and willingness to
achieve peace in our community.
Mrs. Roda Akon Gai       Bor/Paluer
Mrs. Sarah Aliet Mangar  Bor/Paluer
Mrs. Rebecca Yom Ajok    Bor/Paluer
Mrs. Mary Nyakuola Jok   Waat
Mrs. Mary Nyaruai Kok    Akobo
Mrs. Mariea Mer Ruei     Mankien
Mrs. Mary Nyayouk        Leer
Mrs. Mary Diew Riek      Leer
Mrs. Anna Nyaboth Kol    Leer
Mrs. Sarah Nyaboth Yuot  Koch
Mrs. Tabitha Nyayoul Gai Nasir
Mrs. Sarah Nyamuon Gatbok     Pangak
Mrs. Mary Nyawani Guandong    Nasir
Mrs. Veronica Awar Makuei     Panarur
Mrs. Martha Nyankiir Deng     Nyal
Mrs. Mary Ayak Mayik     Nyal
Mrs. Sarah Akuol Pieot   Nyal
Mrs. Nyanayoul Gai Malieth    Atar
Mrs. Roda Moroh Muturchar     Pibor
Mrs. Mary Nyibol Mapor   Rumbek
Mrs. Rebecca Amac Roc    Yirol
Witnessed by:
Rev. Matthew Mathiang Deng
Mr. Emmanuel LoWilla
Mr. Gabriel Atem
Mr. Simon Chot
Mr. Billy Mar
Mrs. Magaret Mathiang
Mrs. Mary Ruun
Mrs. Anna Kima, NSCC Women and Youth Officer for Upper Nile. 
( Organiser)
NSCC Women  Peace Workshop, Loki                                            
11th to June 15, 1999    
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