December 1998 Archive

December 22, 1998: Amnesty Report Trial of 26 in Khartoum
December 18, 1998: Nuer-Dinka Documents Available
December 17, 1998: SCIO Monthly Chronology
December 5, 1998: World Council of Churches Assembly Press Release: Nations "Must Stop the Slaughter in Sudan"
December 3, 1998: Washington Post: "Priests in Sudan Could Face Crucifixion" by Karl Vick

November 1998 Archive

November 22, 1998: SCIO Monthly Chronology
November 19, 1998: Canadian Groups press for Action on Oil Company
November 18, 1998: IRIN Report: Negotiation in Italy on Humanitarian Assistance Agreement
November 5, 1998: Marc Nikkel Update

October 1998 Archive

October 29, 1998: White House Release: Clinton Extends Sudan Sanctions
October 27, 1998: NGOs Call for Political Action to End Suffering: Care, MSF, Oxfam, and Save the Children issue joint statement to UN Security Council
October 26, 1998: IRIN Background Paper: Eritrea and Ethiopia Conflict
October 26, 1998: NSCC Press Release: Burial of Bishop Zindo
October 20, 1998: Tragic Loss of Rt.Rev. Bishop Daniel Zindo
October 19, 1998: SCIO Monthly Report: Chronology, Catholic Bishops' Statement
October 17, 1998: Canadian Sudan Forum Formed
October 1, 1998: Open Letter from Marc Nikkel

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