October 1999 Archive

November 1999 Archive

November 12, 1999: Waat Press Release: People-to-People Breakthrough as Lou Nuer Reconcile
November 8, 1999: Waat Lou Nuer Covenant: Peace Covenant concluded at Waat Conference among Lou Nuer
November 8, 1999: Lou Nuer Peace and Governance Council: Elected Membership of Council created at the Lou Nuer Peace Conference in Waat

December 1999 Archive

December 20, 1999: SCIO: Monthly Report: Chronology of Sudan news from Nov. 15 - Dec. 15, 1999
December 10, 1999: Talisman: Oil Patch Pariah Canadian Business Magazine describes the mess that Talisman is in with Sudan oil development before there is peace
December 2, 1999: USAID Sudan Situation Report

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